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Well, Michael, first off they work on different portions of the kidney. The thiazides work in the distal (first) portion of the kidney tubule to enhance the removal of sodium and chloride.
Lasix, on the other hand works further on in the tubule, in the Loop of Henle where sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride that were tossed off in the distal tubules are reabsorbed. Lasix blocks some of the resorption.

OK that, the biology.

On a practical level, from my experience with both is that the thiazide really does a much better job of removing sodium and the lasix a much better job of removing WATER. For me, thiazide always caused low sodium levels and the lasix (furosemide) keeps the sodium up.
The net effect is that thiazide remains effective long after the sodium is dumped IF IT'S NOT REPLACED. Lasix on the other hand allows the water (and the BP) to return to unmedicated levels in a half day.
Thus, if one is careful with salt, one can take thiazide in a large dose once or twice a week...Lasix really must be taken very regularly, like twice a day.

As far as ED goes, I find that neither is the clear winner, nor even if one or the other is an offender...I just don't know anything other than the claim that Lasix is only 25% as likely as thiazide to cause problems.

It really is remarkable though to experience the diuresis hour after a dose of Lasix...you pee and pee and pee for about 2 hours. I usually lose 3 pounds after my morning dose :D!

I hope that helped.