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What you need to overcome the effect of Norvasc is NO Norvasc. Doctors are FAR too highly induced to prescribe this drug. What forms the inducements from Pfizer take I am not sure but I can imagine. I would like a Congressional investigation to find out what they are as soon as we get some Congressional oversight in January.

Tell your doctor that amlodipine causes your legs to swell and that is MORE than reason enough to stop the stuff. If he gives you guff, tell him to read his PDR.

If nifedipine and amlodipine BOTH caused leg edema, then calcium channel blockers should be put on your VERBOTEN list.

Tamsin and Susan,
Ask for a trial with Lasix (furosemide) maybe 40 mg. taken twice a day....it works even better than HCTZ for edema. The effect is incredible. You may be very pleased with it.
If you ever had a bout with hypokalemia you should take 10 or 20 Meq. of KCl per day. THe higher dose is 800 mg. elemental potassium. Don't bother with OTC potassium supplements because the law says they are limited to 99 mg...a silly non-effective dose.