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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Well I've been to the specialist and I did end up getting a headache while I was there. We went thru the usual questions but I was a little aggravated because I ended up sitting in my car for 15 minutes thinking I was really early...in actuality...it made me late...this is what these headaches are doing to me...messing with my judgement etc. Anyways...I was filling out all the stupid questions he asks and couldn't finish because we started to do the initial exam...I was just getting frustrated cuz I want these headaches to go away and I'm tired of meds etc. So anyways...I think he felt alot of the problem might be because I have not grieved for my father who past away 2-26-06...I just can't seem to let him go...I've excepted the fact but I haven't dreamt or really slept or anything since then...thats another issue...what he ended up doing was putting me on an "infusion" that was supposed to take the headache away...but by the time I got home I had a full blown migraine going and my head was ready to explode...I had to go back to the med-1st place and get another "infusion" which did relieve it some...but I still wake with a headache daily and get them throughout the day. He put me on the following...Depakote 500 mg...Lexapro 10mg...Prednisone 20mg...Furosemide 20mg...Ranitidine150mg... After all this I'm still getting headaches. NOW...He mentions something to me about having MS...he did an Echo and a MRI but I haven't gotten the results yet. I have been noticing that I'm having some major pain in my jaw area...I feel myself clenching so tight that I think I get a headache after this...I feel like I'm so out of whack that maybe I should go to a chiropractor and get back in line so to speak. I dunno...I just know that I'm fed up with everything and could careless anymore...I'll just keep taking some strong drugs and not worry about a thing...although thats not what I want cuz my father was on so many different meds that I wasn't thrilled about that. Anyways...what now? Anyone got any other clues? And does anyone know about certain foods I should be avoiding that will trigger a migraine? He mentioned something like that also. Also...what am I supposed to be researching again? I'm sorry I forget. I don't go back to see him til 11/21...thats a ways away...Anyone with any other help would gladly be appreciated. Thank You:dizzy: [/FONT]