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I've taken DISTAL diuretics (thiazides like HCTZ, and chlorthalidone) and I've taken a LOOP diuretic and addded potassium (Lasix...furosemide) but I've never tried any potassium sparing diuretics becasue the side effects scared me away...primarily the hormonal effects from spironolactone:
[QUOTE]Breast tenderness in females; clumsiness ; deepening of voice in females; enlargement of breasts in males; inability to have or keep an erection; increased hair growth in females ; irregular menstrual periods; sweating

Probably the most prescribed is the combo called MAXIDE or DYAZIDE, a mix of triamterente and HCTZ. I've never heard of JUST prescribing triamterene probably because HIGH serum potassium is so much more dangerous than LOW. It might also be because triamterene is too weak to do the job alone.

I've NEVER been bothered with too low a potassium, so I'm not in your boat but I went off thiazides because my SODIUM was consistently very low.

Give the triamtere-HCTZ a try, a lot of people do.