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Severe dropsy like your mom has that has become resistant to doses of Lasix already usually signifies pretty massive organ failure, kidney, heart, liver.
My mom went the same way and since she had a DNR order, at the point where any fluid input merely went into inflating her dying body they stopped giving her any fluids.

I think your mom MAY have a month...a week or two is more likely if they don't take "heroic methods" and ventilate and dyalize her...which would only postpone the inevitable. Of course, making this call is a guesstimate on my part.

She will quietly slip into a coma probably a couple days before her death and that is the time to call the relatives. If they want to see her conscious though, they'd best buy plane tickets VERY soon.

There is no law that says that when 80 mg. of furosemide doesn't work that 160 or 320 mg. won't. They should up her Lasix dose. I hope she's not in pain!
It's tough to watch...I know firsthand.

I don't want to go that way. My ideal way is at a great French restaurant, after several glasses of claret and a wonderful Bouef Bourguinonne, to grab my chest and fall face down into my Crepe Suzettes...case closed.