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Well thanks for your replies all that time ago guys.

I'm back and it turned out I had developed Pericarditis (inflammation of the lining around the heart) from an unknown virus. A visit to the emergency department and an xray showed my heart swolen up like a basketball. I had a pericardial window operation and a couple of months on from that my energy levels are shooting up. Most of the other symptoms have gone too.

However the bloating and bowell problems remain. I am now passing regular, healthy stools but just beforehand I get several 'spasms' of intense pain in my bowels. I also get regular wind which causes some milder pain.

I am still very bloated. My normally large round 'inny' bellybutton is now squashed down to nothing from above by my oversized tummy. I have lost 3 stones during the last year so I'm as skinny as a rake apart from this big round belly that makes me look pregnant! My abdomen and bowells are quite tender as well, especially they are sensitive to sudden movement. After sitting for even a few minutes I get up and my abdomen feels cramped and stiff, a feeling which lessens after a minute walking around.

I wondered if it was the medication I'm still taking. I'm on Bisoprolol Fumerate, Perindropril and Furosemide taken daily. My doc doesn't think they should have any effect though. I wondered if it might be IBS brought on from the general trauma of the last few months.

Well thanks for reading. As before, any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Good health to you all.