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Your doctor is wise...LASIX is a VERY good idea.

Generally speaking, people who retain water and have hypertension are in the salt-sensitive minority...I consider myself squarely at the top of this pyramid.:dizzy: :cool:

We salt-sensitives respond beautifully to diuretics for our hypertension and almost not at all to ARB's or ACE inhibitors and only modestly to beta blockers (although they DO have some diuretic properties and thus are of some benefit.)

Mark my words, if your water retention bothers you, you will LOVE your furosemide (Lasix.) I have tried the last 3 days without it and ate Indian last evening and I am up 6 pounds, all my joints hurt, and I can barely make a filst. I am waiting til I eat something to take my 40 mg. Lasix and pee all this out...it works for about 3 hours. I will probably need tomorrow's dose to complete the job although I COULD take a second dose today///but that would cause me to be thirsty all night long.

AND it's cheap.

Honestly, with Lasix, you might find you are able to do without the 100mg. atenolol, which would be a blessing.
Give Lasix a try at 40 mg. (You MIGHT need a potassium supplement...I don't!)

Nicest drug I've ever taken...oh well, maybe after Demerol and Valium!