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CrP is a measure of inflammation anywhere in the body, the hsCrP is used to precisely measure LOW levels of CRP.
A level of 4.35 is judges a risk factor for developing heart disease but not a serious or an immediate one. Just monitor ehwnever you have a physical. As an aside, inflammatory diseases usually show a CPR over 10 and even over 100.

The edema should be taken more seriously and the way to treat it is with simple diuretic treatment. Usually edema accompanies high blood pressure and the diuretic helps both.
Unless your BP is LOW, ask your doctor for an Rx for Lasix (furosemide) or hydrochlorothiazide.
If you've EVER had any high BP readings in his office he should be happy to comply with your wishes. If not, and he won't BELIEVE you have edema, then find another doctor. If someone is going to call us liars, then they shouldn't expect to remain in our employ.

[QUOTE] local place where I just had a thyroid ultrasound done is offering free Cardiac Cat Scans for the month of June for people over 40-
That is an incredible deal and you should do it. Know only, that this test is too highly prone to false positives so don;t get pancked if you show a high calcium score.
"Free"??? Hard to believe...I envy you...the usual fee is over $300.