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Osteo... You have a good memory... Actually I was talking to Thyme2be about this and forteo a while ago. I'll have to call her out like you say ;) I wonder where she's been, since her trip to the Cleveland Clinic?

Anyway, what I read was that the coadministration of forteo and hydrochlorothiazide (25 mgs) did not effect serum calcium levels with the 40 mcg of forteo. I have no idea what it does with the 20 mcgs we take, but I guess that would be mute since nothing happens at the higher dose of forteo.

A higher dose of hydro...had not been studied in conjunction to forteo.

24 hour urine test for calcium, with hydro... were medically unimportant.

Now with Furosemide (diuretic) serum calcium levels went up by, I think, 2% while taking forteo.

I know that some people take diuretics for osteo, and possibly for the calcium factor, but the main discussion was on it's use with forteo. If there was any way it could raise my calcium (the hydro...) I wouldn't take it. But it only mentions the other type Furo... doing that with forteo.

Hope that helps... You now have given me an question to ask my dr on the calcium/diuretic issue, my problem is I "really" don't want to go back to what it was doing to me and that was running to the ladies room non stop 24/7. It truly was a bad situation, at one point, since whenever you left the house you "had" to know where all the closest public bathrooms were. I hated having to calculate out all the trips in the car to the dr an hour away. It helped my BP though;) I understand how all this stress could effect your BP and heart, but what's weird is my BP has been constantly getting lower in the last year (since forteo). I've had high BP, mitral valve, and a murmur since my early 20's and now it's changing-wonder why? Well only the BP/pulse is changing the other two probs stayed the same.