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First off, you have my heartfelt sympathy with all you have been through the last couple years.
I double you will ever get to the definitive CAUSE of that constrictive pericarditis although mid-chest radiation is a very likely contender. But the GVH disease is also right up there probably along with some of the chemotherapeutic agents used on you. But even then, half of the cases are idiopathic (cause never found.)

The disease is EXTREMELY serious and really is resolved only with rather intensive and dangerous cardiac surgery...pericardectomy.

You will get great symptomatic relief from the diuretic, presumably furosemide (LASIX or FRUSEMIDE depending on which side of the pond you're on. ;) )

I don't think that going back to work is going to be an option for you. Taking care of yourself will be a full time job.

It is important that you get your ejection fraction measured to determine how badly your heart is damaged.