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I am currently on this long list of perscription meds, and anyone that I have talked to don't think there are interactions but I am just not sure. Especially since I don't feel as I am getting the proper benefit for anyof these meds.

Heart and blood pressure

1) Cartia XT 120 mg taken in the morning
2) Aspirin 81 mg taken in the morning
3) Lisinopril 2.5 mg taken in the morning
4) Plavix 75 mg taken in the morning
5) Furosemide 20 mg only taken on friday and monday mornings


6) alavert d taken 2 times a day morning and evening prior bedtime


7) albuterol inhaler (also do have nebulizer when things are real serious) taken as needed/ still as often as 4-6 times daily
8) sprivia taken 1 time a day
9) singulair 10 mg taken 1 time a day

Type 2 diabeties

10) Januvia 100 mg dinner time
11) glipizide 10 mg 2x's daily dinner time and bed time
12) actos 15 mg dinner time

acid reflux

13) aciphex 20 mg taken at bedtime


14) crestor 10 mg taken at bedtime

pain relief

15) ms contin 15 mg 2 x's daily morning and bedtime
16) es vicodin (break through pain) now taking daily 4x's daily up to 6 hr. difference
17) fexmid 7.5 mg taken 2 x's daily morning and bedtime


18) doc q lace 100 mg 2 x's daily morning and bedtime
19) senokotxtra 2 x's daily morning and bedtime (still having issues with constipation)


20) motrin 800 up to 3 x's daily only when excessive heavy flow

sleep disorder

21) amitriptyline hcl 50 mg at bedtime

rash under breast

22) nystatin topical powder (for acid burn under both breast 2x's daily

dry skin on feet

23) clotrimazone-betameth cream 2x's daily because of bite from a brown lucrux spider from 10 years ago.

Reason why I ask is because I have been having headaches constantly, still having issues with constipation, still have a lot of pain, still unable to sleep or have restful sleep, blood levels are constantly unstable when they check for sugar levels, cholesterol, thyroid, and liver enzymes. I know and realize this is quite the cocktail of medications to take regularly and have have been having increased issues in regards to other things so I am pretty concerned. I have talked with my pharmacist and doctors about my concerns and yet no one can truthfully give me any answers to my question in regards to all of these medication and possible interactions. I just know its a lot of medication and I know I have been experiencing some things and now the increase of acid reflux (backwashing into mouth at night after lying down for about an hour on an average of 2-3 x's a week) which is another concern.