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[QUOTE=brebre;3711234]I really didnt think that 50lbs off 300 in two months is a lot?

I read Bethsheba's caution regarding losing weight too fast, and her point is a good one. Bethsheba always comes up with good info.

I had also been concerned about losing weight too fast. My weight loss was quite rapid after going on a diet targeting Insulin Resistance, same as you. I documented my rapid weight loss in a thread that I started in January, 2004, over four years ago, titled: "Does an "Insulin Resistance" diet improve blood pressure?"

I started the thread when I first started the diet, before I learned about the tremendous health benefits of a diet targeting Insulin Resistance. Here is the link to the thread:


I wondered at the time, if my weight loss was too fast, but since I was feeling so much better, and I was experiencing improving symptoms, and I didn't know what else to do, I just stayed on the diet.

[QUOTE]Nuitritionists are not trained to treat people with insulin resistance. I went to one and that is partly the reason why I am in the shape I am in now. She advocated me eating pastas and baked potatoes, apples and oranges. Those foods are deadly for people like myself. I can only tolerate low glycemic foods such as berries, nuts or green, yellow, red vegetables. Heck even none of my doctors know about it.

Our medical system is getting worse each year, as those who would make good doctors, go into other better paying, and less demanding occupations.

I don't trust most doctors, or car mechanics. In fact, I would much rather go to a skilled nurse than a doctor! :eek:

[QUOTE]For all of you that has taken HCTZ, what has been your experiences taking this medication?

I've never taken HCTZ, but I did take Lasix (Furosemide) for many years. I couldn't take much of it or it would either give me very painful joints, breathing difficulties or heart rhythm problems. I stopped taking diuretics because, with heart failure and atrial fibrillation, I am at more risk of stroke; and because I believe that diuretics cause problems for those with Insulin Resistance or Diabetes.