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hello all i recently noticed that when i go to bed at night my legs(upper thigh)
get numb it is really annoying. just was wondering if i should be concerned..a little history, last year went to doctor he said that my triclycerides were extremely high so put me on gemfibrozil now everything is well...my cholesterol is normal, hdl is a little low and im working on that...i also have had chest discomfort not pain just little annoyences once in a while, back 6 months ago i was going to the er all the time for it and have gotten clean bills each time,,,ekgs showed nothing and stress test passed no problems but deep down i just feel that something might be wrong or am i just having panic attacks i feel like all i do all day is check my pulse..but now this leg thing has gotten me freaked out. is it poor circulation from a bigger problem that my doctors have not been able to find? or just me. any recomendations would be great..thank you i am 31 not terribly overweight (6ft 225lbs)