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[RIGHT][CENTER][INDENT] Before I had ulcers of the small intestine, I could eat a bowl of bran (insoluble fiber), without any trouble. My ulcers have been gone for 4 years, and now when I eat bran, it will not pass without giving me extreme gas, bloating, and diarrhea. It seems now to be a potent bowel irritant for me. I just wondered if anyone else may have the same problem.[/INDENT] [INDENT]While speaking of fiber, I just found out that soluble fiber (psyllium, or metamucil), is recommended by doctors to lower triglycerides. Mine were just tested and are 1039. I cannot tolerate the meds (fenofibrates and gemfibrozil) to lower my TGs. They have simular adverse affects that statins cause me. Thanks in advance for any input :)[/INDENT][/CENTER][/RIGHT]