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Smoking is increasing her Risk factor for high cholesterol. It seems like she may also have hypertension, does she have any cardiovascular problems?

and if her TGs are so high, there are different hyperlipidemia types so i would suggest you find out what else is high. If her LDL is high as well or if her HDL is high? But if the main problem is her TGS, her doctor I am going to assume should put her on some fibrates. Gemfibrozil (Lopid) or Fenofibrate (Tricor) These will significantly reduct TG's similar to niacin (which is also a choice for her)
((* on fibrate drugs. one could get something called cholethiasis which is gallstone formation so be aware of this) skin rashes are common with tricor. ))

I mean these are definitely suggestions becaue I dont know her full case of her RF's and whether she is diabetic and so on....cuz these factors will all change the type of drug that would be best for her.

* however to start slow...you should get her to eat OATs...it is provent o lower cholesterol by 10%... well if you have anymore q's you can email me[ please carefully review the posting rules - no emails ]..i wonder if i even helped...
im a [ please carefully review the posting rules - do not reveal your past, current or future profession ]. take care and i hope your mother gets better.

remember that high cholesterol can be helped.. especially with diet excercise and some motivation. :)