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Atually WARD there are several ways of reducing cholesterol in the blood.

Among them is eating less saturated and trans fats (dietary methods), by blocking the action of HmgCoA reductase in the liver (how statins work), attaching to cholesterol rich bile in the intestines thus preventing it's recycling (bile sequesterants and probably the effect of a high soluble fiber diet), and using fibrates like gemfibrozil that work in the liver also by causing less fat to be produced overall.
Niacin methhodology is not too well defined but certainly involves the liver in a couple of ways as well:
[quote]It may
involve several actions including partial inhibition of release of free fatty acids from adipose
tissue, and increased lipoprotein lipase activity, which may increase the rate of chylomicron
triglyceride removal from plasma. Niacin decreases the rate of hepatic synthesis of VLDL
and LDL, and does not appear to affect fecal excretion of fats, sterols, or bile acids.

So you can see that almost EVERY method involves intervention at the liver with the least liver dependent being the bile sequesterants which aren't very popular these days...hard on digestion.

I guess the root word "LIVE" was well applied to the LIVER.