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From Adventis:
[QUOTE]Drug Interactions
Although no specific interaction studies were performed, pooled data from clinical trials showed no evidence of clinically significant adverse interactions with uncontrolled concurrent administration of calcium-channel blockers, estrogens, fibrates, NSAIDS,HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, sulfonamides, or thyroid hormone.

No mention was made of the interaction of ezetimibe with Amaryl.

Use of these sufonyureal drugs is showing evidence of increasing heart disease up to 2.5 times the rate for diet/insulin, so care is required (like getting those triglycerides down.)

Unless he NEEDS to take a statin, maybe something like gemfibrozil, a fibrate, that targets triglycerides might be an alternative to the Zetia. It gets 20-50% reduction in tri's.

The statin and the ezetimibe are not without interactive risks taken together...both are hard on the liver.