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Has anyone ever heard of extremely high triglycerides causing gallbladder pain? I know that it can cause pancreatitis, but I'm not sure about gallbladder pain. For the past couple of years, I was experiencing what both my doctor and I thought was gallbladder pain. My gynecologist did an ultrasound and said he saw gallstones, but wanted me to see an internist first. I saw an internist who did some blood tests and found that my triglycerides were extremely high (875.) He then referred me to a surgeon to talk about my possible gallbladder problem. When I saw the surgeon, he was far more concerned about my high triglycerides than my gallbladder and strongly suggested I get that under control first before thinking about having surgery. My internist prescribed Gemfibrozil to get my triglycerides down and within a couple of months they dropped down to 104. Along with that, the gallbladder attacks disappeared! I asked my internist about it and he said he supposed it was possible, but had not heard of nor read about high triglycerides causing gallbladder pain

So, I am curious. Has anyone else either experienced something similar or have been told extremely high triglycerides can cause gallbladder pain? I'm wondering if this could really be the cause in my situation or if I'm just experiencing a "remission" of some sort.

Your replies are muchly appreciated!