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About two years ago, I had my lipids measured for the first time in my life. My numbers were aweful:

Triglycerides - 685 mg/dL
LDL - couldn't be computed as the trigs were so high
HDL - about 32 mg/dL, if I remember correctly

Since then, I've been trying many different things to get better results. I do pretty intense cardio workouts for 40-60 minutes each morning 5-7 days a week. Obviously my diet has changed drastically too. And I've tried several meds - lipitor and zocor failed due to muscle pain and fatigue in my legs. Gemfibrozil initially did wonders for my trigs, but is not a good fibrate to combine with a statin (well, it's worse then other fibrates at least), so it was replaced with Tricor.

Then, a massive heart attack interrupted the program about a year ago. A few months later, during some followup, I had emergency CABG surgery, which also threw a hiccup into things, at least in terms of the exercise program.

The surgery was back in February, so I have been back fully on track for diet and exercise since about late March. My lipid results from earlier this week just came back:

Triglycerides - 99 mg/dL
Total Cholesterol - 128 mg/dL
LDL - 67 mg/dL
HDL - 41 mg/dL

My current lipid meds are Tricor (145mg), Crestor (10mg), and Fish Oil supplement (7200mg = 2160mg EPA+DHA). I've also lost about 16_lbs over the past year (my BMI now is right at 25), and I know the exercise can take quite a while to work it's full effects (and I still clearly have fat to loose around my middle).

A year ago, I would have never bet money that my LDL would get below 125, let alone below 70 :eek: Now if that stubborn HDL would just go up a little bit more.