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[QUOTE=cmpgirl;3520010]...brand name drugs are always the higher co-pay, even when no generic is available... cmpgirl

This is how it is with my insurance coverage. It's been like this for a few years now. I take Cymbalta for which there is as yet no generic, and I pay the higher co-pay since it's "brand." For me this co-pay is now $25. For generics it's $10.

My doc recently put me on a triglyceride lowering medication called Tricor. Bingo, it's $25 - no generic yet. So I asked for an older similar drug called Gemfibrozil and pay only $10 co-pay. I realize the designer drug may indeed be better, but I can't afford to be paying the higher co-pay for any more drugs than are necessary. We actually had enough in medical bills this year to be able to claim them as a deduction on our taxes. Prescriptions played a huge role in meeting the threshold.