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rheumatologist told me she didn't need blood work to know i did not have ra. the first thing she told me to take was glucosamine, of course a few other scripts as well. i take a fistful of meds (Seroquel & Geodon to mention a few) so it's hard to tell what one or the other is doing or not. i didn't believe her at first so i asked my primary guy to give me the test. she was right....no ra. good! that's one for my side!

i do, however, have global osteoarthritis, need a new knee, have spoken with doc about possible surgery at my lumbar spine (shots not helping), lots of damage at cervical spine and advanced djd at my shoulders.

sure hope my SSD comes thru!

oh......and, to be clear....bipolar I with mixed states (dx'ed last July). maybe that dx didn't explain a lot! just like when i finally accepted my alcohol problem. no baggage here!! :)

like the various treatments and meds there are out there for our bipolar disorder, so there are for our physical afflictions. lots of different ideas about how to deal with stuff and different reactions to the meds and treatments.

hope everyone is feeling well today....


p.s. sorry...this is more about me than you...

have you seen a rheumatologist?