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I was diagnosed about 2 years ago with bpd. Once I found out that I had it I was relieved in some ways. I had been misdiagnosed with manic depression for a lot for years.....

I started taking geodon about 2 years ago and saw a dramatic difference within 2 months. I mean a real change. I still have my freak outs but they are much, much less and I can stop it in the middle and usually tell my husband "I'm going to stop this right now. I am pissed off so I need to be alone." It sounds dumb but if you can seperate yourself for 20 minutes or longer chances are the anger will subside.

One other thing you can do on your own. This really shocked me when I did it. People with bpd often attack the one we love and say cruel things in anger, sadness, or stress. My therapist had me get a notebook that was just for me. When you are so mad that you just want to scream and yell and to the typical go to your book and write down everything you want to say to that person. Don't think about it...just write as fast as you can. After your done leave it alone for a while. When you are more calm and the storm has passed read what you wrote. I was horrified in my own writing that I wanted to say I hate my husband, calling him names, just everything horrible I would have said I read. I was so glad I didn't say it because it was abusive and people with bpd can be very abusive. You need to find ways to avoid that. The notebook, geodon, 20 minute time out, and therapy has really worked for me. I am comfortable for the first time with myself.

Good Luck!