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hi little one! i didn't notice anything wrong with your first post. don't know where vkg is coming from, but please don't let it deter you from coming to this or any other board.

i have suffered from auditory hallucinations a few times in my life. at one point, i thought the police had implanted a "bug" in my car, and thought that they were laughing at me. this went on for a few months, until my risperdal kicked in. another thing i hallucinated about was my neighbors. i used to live with my mother, and thought i could hear the neighbors laughing at me. i know now that wasn't happening, but that went on for about two years.

is this the kind of hallucination you are talking about/suffering from? i have never had visual hallucinations, but have known people who could see walls shifting shape and stuff like that. either way, the newer antipsychotic medications can do wonders to help decrease this kind of stuff. i take abilify and geodon. it has caused some weight gain and retention, but i suppose that comes with the territory (meds).

best of luck little 1!!!!!