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Sorry for the short post...

But many meds may help. More than likely, Antipsychotics are the best way to go for violent tendencies. Such medications include Seroquel, Risperdal and Geodon. Medications can definitely help, but therapy is also a good idea along with meds.

Thanks for the respones.

We have tried Seroquel, Risperdal and Geodon. He takes Geodon and Klonopin at this time. It works for a while. We changed our appointment with the Nuerologist to see if we can try something different, or at least get more Geodon.

We're more than eligible for services, but it's so hard to find a provider that can deliver them.

marissamm, I'm sorry for what you have to got through. I know what it must be like. When I'm ready to give up, I try to think of people who have it worse, like you.

My house and yard get no attention because I take my boy fishing on my days off to give my wife a much-needed break. I'm lucky to have access to a boat. We fish all day and I'm so tired when we're done. He always gets violent when we get home. I immediately give him the drugs, get him a good shower, and then my wife feeds him until he's about to explode. Then he's an angel. Then I go right back to work the next day

Luckily he's still smaller than me, I'm the only person who can control him.