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I have OCD, including Trichatillamania (hair pulling) and I can't stop. I move from one obsession to another, including the need to have 8 full cold bottles of water on hand at all times, to my worst habbit-picking my skin, plucking leg hairs, and scratching my scalp... I have been doing this for years, and have tried MANY medications. The final one I went on, Geodon, actually cured my picking, but had devistating side effects. Substantial weight gain, making strange involluntary expressions, night sweats, and AWEFULL withdrawls. Needless to say, I am off these meds, afraid to ever try a new one again, and the OCD is back full force. My legs are covered in scabs and I often discover blood trailing down from unconcious picking. I can't continue to put makeup on my blemishes forever, and I just don't know what to do. I've been to therapy, Biofeedback... Does anyone have any suggestions-ANYTHING.
Your OCD is my OCD.
I tried lots of meds. Back in the 70's I tried hypnotherapy.
I asked about Geodon, but my doctor said no. I'm still on risperdal and lexipro, which, in combination, keep my picking and plucking down to a minimum, but I always have at least one scab somewhere. I've gained over 15 lbs with the risperdal (20 lbs is normal weight gain), and am now trying to lose it, which, as you know, is very hard when you're hungry 24/7.
But I'm not willing to give up the meds and go back to the intolerable anxiety.
The constant sleepyness almost makes me want to go off the meds.
I did go off the med that made my jaw twitch when trying to speak to students in a class (anafranil).
My psychiatrist is a psychologist too, but he has narcolepsy and doesn't do much CBT; I've had to read on my own about it.