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I saw my new PM yesterday and he took me off my lortabs and told me to take Lyrica 50mg twice a day, but not to drive. I am dizzy, trembling, nausia, vomiting, stomach pain, can't remember when I fell asleep/Passed out last night, no sense of balance and keep falling. He was told I could not take Neurontin due to severe side effects and in the past a different doctor tried me on Geodon, All these are causing me the same problems, I looked it up and found they are all in the same family. I have a problem with ALL SSRI's and he knew that. Also I work full time.

I have had a spinal fusion and have a pinched nerve in lumbar area and also both knee's are in pain and need scoped very soon.

This morning, sick or not, I have to go to work. So I did not take the Lyrica this morning, and think I should begin the lortabs again until I see him on Tuesday, and a couple hours before I go, I will take a Lyrica just to show this idiot what is going on.

I will lose my job on this stuff!

I guess it's still in my system and it's been 13 hours, I can't think straight and can't spell, I have to have help just to write this and corrrect the spelling of every word.
On Neuontin I got so confused that I was stopping at green lights and running the red ones. I totally lost my BRAIN somewhere.
When cooking, I can'r remember if the food goes in the pan or the sink or if the stove is supposed to be on or off to cook.

I see so many people on here with terrible problems from Lyrica. I also read the pharmacy paper and it is highly addictive, so whats the difference of taking that or taking a narcotic pain med?

He also has me on Flexeril 10mg, I don't think the 2 go together very well. It relaxes you WAYYYYY to much.

I was so sick most of the day, I couldn't wait for it to wear off. I believe I read somewhere that Geodon is also the same thing, the name was just shortened. and I had a severe allergic reaction to it a few years back.

So why do they keep giving us the same medicine with a different name???

My husband said I was wobbly and falling into walls before I made it to the bed, and I don't remember a thing after that. Not him shaking me, tugging on me, nothing. But it sure scared him.