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[QUOTE=dksea;3294928]It sounds like your medication isn't working to well if you are still having that much trouble with your OCD :(

I have had panic attacks before too and they are horrible for sure, but just tell yourself that if you don't take a shower you'll smell so bad your family will pass out, which would be much worse ;)

Hang in there! There is hope and it can get better!

Hi dksea,

Thanks for the advice, I really do appreciate it. Yes I am having trouble with my OCD. I am going back to my Psychiatrist on November 29th, I am thinking about asking her about a medication change. She took me off Lexapro because it wasn't working. Also she highered the dose on my Geodon and Cymbalta.

The reason why I am on Geodon is because I have Hallucinations. Also the reason why I am taking Cymbalta is because my Depression is really bad. My Psychiatrist told me that Cymbalta can help my OCD, but it hasn't helping me.

So I think that I ask my Psychiatrist on November 29th about a medication change. What do you think? Do you think that I should do that? Please tell me, I need to know.