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Hi connyxoberst. I have never heard of anyone being on such a high dose of Seroquel. 1600mgs a day spread out into two doses. No wonder your husband hated it so much.

But the new Doctor cut him back to 800mgs a day sounds more like it. Except for me I take the whole 800mgs about an hour before going to bed. At least it does help me get to sleep. But even with the Remeron and Clonazepam I still wake up at different hours of the night and end up getting up between 3-4 A.M.

I wonder how taking 400mgs would work for me taken in the daytime? But I only take my doctors advice so currently I take all 800mgs at night but I hope even the small 200mg increase will help me feel better.

I took Geodon at one time many years ago. I wrote down that it made me sleepy, but also wrote down that it made my depression worse. I also felt tired. I took it for 5-6 weeks before stopping it. There are always too many side effects that interfere with different meds for different people. Works for some, not for others. Good luck to you both.