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Below are two clinical trials Web sites. Try your searches by different terms when looking for trials and/or information, i.e., metastatised lung cancer, liver cancer, hepatic cancer, etc.

This is the government, NIH, clinical trials site:

Centerwatch is a multinational [U.S. and other countries] clinical trials site and overlaps with the NIH on some studies.

If the clinical trials you are interested in are closed, try searching for preliminary study results. Or look up the request for funding for that study/clinical trial. This usually describes what the treatment is, the diagnosis of the recruited patients, etc.

Another suggestion is to search pharmaceutical manufacturers' Web sites, especially those conducting research in specific cancers. They often have patient information resources, a few sometimes help patients locate clinical trials.

Here's the National Cancer Institute 'Question and Answer' page on Gleevec [Glivec]. Recommend reading this as it may help you locate other information sources.

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