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I had my operation in middle of april 2003, i have gotten used to the bag. But I am now experiencing pain while i urinate, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this also. I am not taking chemo, i am taking 6 gleevec pills a day. I only add this in case this may be a side effect of the pills. Thanks for any help.
I have a permanent colostomy(I get colonoscopy/colostomy mixed up as well) and have had it since May 2001.

I don't know what gleevec is so I can't speak to that. What kind of pain with urination? I had pain just after surgery and there is still an odd sensation much of the time when I urinate but I wouldn't call it pain. Is the pain in the bladder area or lower? I attribute the early pain to the catheter which bothered me all the time it was in. The other sensation is probably due to the fact that the nerves that run to the penis and bladder are just behind where they were cutting and they may have been damaged slightly.

One thing I have noticed is that if I loose a little weight that sensation gets lessened. I figure it's pressure on the nevres when my weight goes up. Just a guess on my part though.

I eventually saw urologist who checked me out for infection but found none. There isn't much they can do about nerve damage though.