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We'll be going back to the Dr 3 weeks after starting Gleevec. I've read so many good things about it but, I'm still afraid of the results. I'm afraid my husband's WBC count went up with this. Anyone taking the same thing? Do the WBC remain the same as with the Chemo?
Hi, My Mom was diagnosed with CML few weeks ago and she started on Gleevec about 9 day ago. Her WBC came down to normal. For most people Gleevec works. But her platelets count is till very high. The doctor told us to give gleevec at least 21 days to work. I hope this helps.
I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I actually just received really good news today about how the Gleevec is working. We saw my husband's oncologist this morning and his blood is "normal", no signs of leukemia after only 7 weeks of being dx. I'm so glad for this new medication. Stay strong for your Mom. Gleevec works wonders.
Take care
Thanks and I am glad that your husband is doing well. My mom's onchologist put her on a new medication called "agrylin." It is suppose to help reduce her platelet count. We'll find out next week if it works. Is your husband having any side effects from gleevec? My mom feels nauseated all the time. She can't really eat. Thanks for your reply and good luck.
Sorry mxm for taking so long in responding. Too many things! The only side effects he's having so far is the itching on his feet and the nightly dreams. I thought he was crazy when he said there could be a connection with Gleevec and the dreams he was having but I checked out some info I couldn't believe how many people have been having dreams with Gleevec. How's your MOm doing and feeling? Just tell her to hang in there. It's amazing how the new medicines are saving so many lives!!!!

Just reading your posts. I am currently on 600 mg of Gleevec for ALL ph+. The Gleevec has worked regarding my counts,I started taking it after the 1st induction of chemo...I'm in remission. Gleevec has caused some fatigue and muscleaches (not common for a 35 yr old). Also experiencing numbness in my fingertips.I hope all is well and may God bless you and your husband is doing well.
Thank you all four your words!!! It's been a while since I asked about Gleevec results and I am very happy to say that so far it has been working wonders for my hubby. I just hope it stays like this. Last visit to the onco., his blood was "normal", he is in the first phase of remission!!! Thanks to all for your support and stay strong.
A positive post. One of the guys I work with was diagnosed Spet of '05 with MCL and has been on Gleevec since then.

He's not able to work yet, he's a laborer. BUT his blood counts are stable to a degree and the only complaint he has is lethargy and some mucsle cramps in his legs. Otherwise he is doing VERY well and has been on the meds for over a yr now..

A positive attitude is essential too.

Good luck to all of you.
I was dx with cml in march of 2005 and I have been on gleevec ever since then, I was able to go into remission in december of 2006. In august of this year i became extremly sick and was hospitalized once again they done a cbc and wbc count was 79,000 so they done a pcr or fish one i cant remember and discovered i am no longer in remission they have upped my dose to 800 mg and I am patiently waiting for remission. my oncologist is now talking about putting me on sprycell and taking me off gleevec for fear of resistance to gleevec now.