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Has Anyone Had Any Dealings With This In Children? Ive Heard Its Mainly An "adult" Issue And Very Rare In Children. My 4 Year Son Has Been Dealing With Elevated White Blood Cells And High Eosinophils For Approx. 3 Months. For Example, His Last Cbc Which Was This Past Moday Showed His Wbc At 45,380 And His Eos% Was 66%. When He Was Initially Placed In The Hospital Back In December 06 His Wbc Was Around 122,000 And His Eos% Around 70%. They Originally Thought That He Had Leukemia But That Was Never Confirmed. An Exact Diagnosis Has Yet To Found For This. I Am Very Scared. My Son Is Currently On Prednisone And Gleevec To Try And Contain His Counts. He Had Been On Pred. And Hydroxyurea And It Had Been Working For A While But Just All Of A Sudden Stopped, Hence, The Switch To Gleevec. From Everthing That Ive Heard And Read About This Very Sad. If The Meds Dont Start Breaking The Organs Down Then The High Eosiniphils Will. I Just Want My Little Boy To Be Well. He Is Currently Being Seen By A Hematoligist At Texas Childrens Hospital In Houston. We Are Hoping To Get Him Into The Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia In The Next Few Weeks For A 2nd Opinion. Any Help Or Insight, Or Even Good News, About This Would Be Greatly Appreciated.