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PJ, I am so sorry that no one has answered you. Cancer is sometimes something no one wants to talk about. My now 28 was diagnosed with Liposarcoma (soft tissue cancer tumor). She was 23 at the time. You hear "I understand". you want to scream how can you say you understand!! It will comsume you and anger you. She has been cancer free for 3 years now.
As for you I am sorry you have no support system. The maternal Grandma of my grandchildren has CML after chemo, radiation and BMT, remission for 7 years now it has returned. She is on Gleevec. Are you? What kind of treatment have you had? Your family is afraid and that is why they try to ignore your cancer. Get in touch with a support group in your area, Call the Aerican Cancer society. Hugs, Dyana
Hi, My husband was diagnosed with CML two years ago. He is on Gleevec (400 Mg.) and his white blood count is now normal. He is in remission. Hang in there--it gets better.