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Just joined up and wanted to give a shout. I was diagnosed about 3 months ago. My lower and upper stomach was hurting terribly and I though I had bust open two hernias I had repaired several years ago. Plus I was bleeding rectally. The doc had me take some tests and my white cell count was 169,000. Sent me to a cancer doctor right away, and he put me in the hospital. Said I had Colitis, which caused the lower stomach pain and bleeding, and my spleen was enlarged causing the upper pain. Took a month of medications to get those two things under control, then was put on Gleevec. Been on it for 2 months now, and my blood counts are back to normal. Over the weekend the area of my spleen is hurting again. I am not scheduled to see the doctor until next month, but I am going to go in and have them check my blood and see what they think about this pain. I am to have a bone marrow biopsy around Christmas. (Merry Xmas to me!)
Well, nice forum it seems. Take care of yourselves. Regardless what happens in my life I know it will all work out. If I live I have a lot to look forward to, and if I die I have even more to look forward to! :)
Thanks for your kind words regarding Maryann.. I know you can appreciate what she is going through as you face similar battles. I've heard such good reports on the Gleevec. One fellow (a physician) here in NM with CML began treatment with Gleevec about a year ago and seems to be totally cured..though he continues to take the medicine. He works every day, plays golf a couple of times a week, married a gal 15 years younger. It seems to be a wonder drug and I just wish it or something similar would be developed for AML Take care and thanks again for your post.