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Hi, I'm new here and I have alot of health issues and do not know who to ask about some things. So I thought I'd try here. Some new stuff has been going on lately that has me concerned. First of all I have these terrible headaches, they start for no reason and last about 10mins. The longest one being 1/2 hour. They are extremely painful, a kind of steady, booring, pain right between my eyes extending to the left temple, left corner of the top of my head and down to about my eyebrow level. I'm not sure if the eye hurts too, but my vision has been blurry and sometimes it's like someone put all the lights in the house on dim and it's definately blurrier than before(I wear glasses for severe asigmatism in both). I am a type II diabetic on Glucophage and Glybruride. My sugars have been running normal to low and my last HA1c was 5.5 down from 6.2 over three mons., so I am not suspecting lack of control. I am also more tired than usual, with actual muscle weakness(ex. carrying 1 year old and or picking her up or putting her down is nearly impossible at times and leaves me completely wiped out) I have trouble with my memory and have been mixing up words sometimes(ex. 2yr old will ask if she can watch t.v. show and I will say "after you watch your supper you can eat your show nice")even when not in a hurry or rush. Sometimes during the headache I feel dizzy and nauseaous but only threw up one time.
I don't understand because I have been doing better with my sugars, haven't changed any meds. around lately and have lost 70lbs or so since last Feb. so I should feel better right? Anyone with suggestions please write back soon! P.s. I am going to a general practice doc. today for the second time but on my first visit he didn't let me tell him too much about symptoms and wanted test results from endo who handles diabetes and pcos before running any tests on me.
Sorry this is so long and doesn't make much sense but I am falling apart! Thanks.

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