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While most women with PCOS have polycystic ovaries, some doctors will diagnose a woman with PCOS based on other physical symptoms or hormone abnormalities. I think the "syndrome" of PCOS can exist without the actual cysts. This includes the hairiness, obesity, acne, etc. Is it possible you were diagnosed on the blood work and other symptoms alone? Or maybe your cysts ruptured or improved with treatment? Research online and let me know what you think. I am curious because i have been treated for PCOS for the past 3 yrs with Glucophage, Spironolactone, and Mircette.

I will research this. I also just had my obgyn annual checkup with bloodwork as well as a pelvic ultrasound. They want to start me on glucophage also. I had the bloodwork done for that last week. How has the glucophage been working for you?


What blood work did you have done for them to put you on Glucophage? I have a LH/FSH ratio of 2.2 and my testosterone is very high normal. So, the reproductive endocrinologist and the regular endocrinologist think it is "borderline PCOS". However, I don't have the cysts at all. The RE said he would put me on Glucophage if I did a glucose challenge test and it showed I was insulin resistant/glucose intolerant. However, I've heard that Glucophage can help even if you aren't insulin resistant/glucose intolerant. I'm wondering if I should argue with the RE or the regular endocrinologist to get some prescribed to me to see if it helps. Really, my only symptoms are the no periods and no ovulation. I'd really like to try the Glucophage, since the only other suggestions I ever see are lay off the sugar and slim down. I don't each much sugar, and I'm at the ideal weight, so those suggestions just aren't helpful for me! I just want to have a kid, but I'd rather not do the fertility treatments with hormones since hormones (the bc pill) are what made my periods go away in the first place (2 years on it, once I came off it, no more periods in about 2 1/2 years, ugh!).

I too suffer from the torture of PCOS. I am 33 and finished having my children (all from IVF). I am fixing to have a hysterectomy. ALL that NOT CYCLEING is dangerous and created problems for me!!! I am having my ovaries removed and then addressing the metabolic issues (IR). I took Glucophage for a while,and we never found a dose that worked for making me cycle. I was with my GP so that explains it!!! I am planning to see my RE at the hosp. when I have my surgery to get started back on glucophage. I just had my Fasting Insulin tested, no results yet. My symptoms have increased and I either BLEED heavily ALL The time or nothing. I have gone 2 yr.s without a cycle and now I am bleeding TOO much. Anemic. Yuck!!! I have the wt.gain, hairiness/ loss where it counts, acne, skin tags...THe idea is remove the ovaries and that will decrease my androgen levels dramatically and then treat IR with DIET (low carb) and Glucophage. I am hoping to find favorable results!! ANd am encouraged after talking to many women that are in my situation!!! I know the fear of wanting to preserve fertility....look into lazer ovarian drilling!!!!!
Best of luck!!!