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Nobody talks about stomach Pressure and Vaginia pressure when it comes to IBS. I've seen Urologist and he says it has nothing to do with urology. I've seen OBGYN and they say it has nothing to do with them. Now I see a Gastrolnogist and they just ruled out everything else it could be. So my husband thought I might have IBS. So he told me to try Zelnorm 3 days ago. It's reduced my pain by 50%. I still feel it, but they say it takes awhile. I'm very bad when it comes to medication, but this does'nt seem to bother me that much. I feel tired and groggy and a little anxious. I'm also taking other meds so i'm not sure about side affects. Other meds include Birth control pill, Glucophage and Lorazepam. I had to wait 5 weeks until my husband made the Gastrolnogist prescribe it. The doctors kept doing xrays to rule out anything else. I haven't been officialy diagnosed but know i have it, because I feel better with Zelnorm and by reading these healthboards. I FEEL BETTER!
Also bought a book on it The Irritable Bowel Syndrome soucebook by Laura O'Hare.