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I have been told that chromium is the natural equivalent for Glucophage. Is this true? If so, what is the amount. How much is equal to 500 mg of glucophage. If anyone knows of a list of natural equivalents, please let me know. Thanks
I have also heard that chromium picolinate can reduce a person's requirement for sugar-lowering drugs. I don't know how much would be the equivalent of 500mg Glucophage, but I don't believe that this would be one of those do it yourself endeavors. The effective dose of chromium picolinate for a diabetic can be anywhere from 600-1000mcg per day. If you want to try this, however, you really should talk to your doctor about it first.

R-lipoic acid, the natural form of alpha lipoic acid, is also a good supplement for lowering blood sugar. Doses of between 300-900mg have been used for this purpose.

Most recently, I read an article in the newspaper about cinnamon. It said that taking a half teaspoon of cinnamon per day can also help lower blood sugar.