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Hi I can only tell you what happened to me when I had/have symptoms much like yours.
Eventually, after many doctors and two surgeries
I finally found a Reproductive Endocrinologist who has been helping me find answers.
The Endocrinologist did a Glucose Tolerance Test and found that I had insulin resistence too.
Hyper Pancreas.
I am now on Glucophage 3X a day ( preferably before meals to work twith the cells and calm that panceras down before it kills me.
I also developed a severe case of a Tachycardic heart to go along with all the body stress.
I'm sure you know exactly how physically stressful all that hyper Pancreatic action can be.
Last year 2002, I was given a hysterectomy to address
my chronic pelvic pain that was very much like yours with radiating pain down my legs and the back ache and the whole toilet trauma trip.
So they took out most of my female stuff except for one ovary because the gynecology surgeon said it looked too healthy to take.
My colon had been wrapped around the other ovary and everything was stuck together by dense stage 4 adhesions with endometriosis hidden and growing in the adhesion tangle.
NONE of the huge mess was ever seen on any kind of imaging test.
It took me 5 doctors and 6 months to get surgery #1 done. Then 20 days after my hysterectomy my colon quit working and there was surgery #2 (emergency)
After that, there was still bad bad pain.
More imaging tests.
Then I found the Endocrinologist.
Figured out my Hypoglycemia and scheduled me for surgery #3 to check out a few suspects.
It turned out that my colon was once again suffering from reformed adhesions, endometriosis and the remaining ovary had ovarian endometriosis.
My RE told me that my hyperactove Pancreas led to my ovary growing cysts which totally messed with my hormones and the ovary was the culprit for a lot of things and the dysfunction of the pancreas fed the dysfunction of the ovary and hence I was dealing with a metabolic endocrine problem that requires very specific treatment.
Well, that's what I've been doing for the last year.
Take care and I hope your Doctors find the right answers for you soon.
My condition only became so terrible because all the things I was doing from the wholesome and natural level of holistic care simply was not enough.
I needed the balance between the worlds of medicines and alternatives.
My condition simply went on too long and a whole lot of unnecessary internal damage was the result.
The value of a correct and quick diagnosis greatly influences the outcome of our health.

P.S. My aanti spasmodic for the bowel doesn't work well once a day. I use it 3x a day along with an Osmodic laxative powder and the glucophage.
That what it takes for me to over come all the internal adhesion damage.

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