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77, Do post back and let us know what the Doctor says. I'm having similar problems as yours.
I've seen the neurologist and I will go talk about the MRI next week, which I have been told looks pretty good inspite of my numerous injuries to my neck and head. Pretty substantial injuries too.
Car accident and horse back riding injuries.
I have an apontment with a Doctor of Physical Medicine early April and until then my Neurologist has given me some maintenance meds that he thinks will help with my pain.
(1)Imitrex in a process of 3 different delivery forms.
Injection, tablet and nose spray all taken within one or two hours of eachother just depending on how my pain is doing. That has gotten rid of a lot of pain in my head but my arm and little finger still cramp and lose strength where I drop things.
(2)night time medication Trazodone.
(3)small doses of Xanax with other anti-spasm meds (hyoscyamine) 3X a day.
Xanax is a benzodiazepine and so is Klonopin but I think Klonopin is considered a bit safer than Xanax.
Doctors don't especially like prescribing either medication. I don't know if Klonipin has the same good antispamodic action as Xanax though. That's the big difference in Xanax.
I am already on a huge dose of a beta blocker for a tachycardic heart that has many triggers but no definate cause from what my cardiologist can tell.
He just knows he needs to keep my pulse and pressure really low so my body won't spike into a danger zone.
I ran around for the whole summer with heart failure from this problem. I get Toprol XL which does keep my vitals in a safe zone and it has actually cut the aura of my migraine literally in half.
No one has put a name to my problems as yet.
I also have a spastic colon which we think was caused by a severe case of endometriosis and level 4 dense adhesions that had my colon stuck to other organs and the musculature of the pelvic wall. I have now spent over a year trying to get back to a normal life.
Since your situation is currently with out insurance resources there are a couple of options available.
One, is to get into a clinic at the local Teaching Hospital where there is usually an insurance contract that allows people to get medical care based on a sliding scale. That would allow you the widest range access to various specialties while you are not covered by insurance, just depending on what your current income might be.
The lower the income, the more help that is available.
Also, go to all the previous Doctors and ask for a copy of all your records and tests and take them to a good family practitioner and tell them your current insurance situation.
Ask if they can work with you for getting your maintenance until you have the resources to investigate your condition further.
Hope you get to your answers very soon. It's a very frustrating situation.

P.S. I also have severe Hypoglycemia/insulin resistence for which I am given Glucophage 3x a day also.

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