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It's been a month and a half since mom stopped the calcium channel blocker, Martha, and there are changes, but not the improvement for which I prayed. But then she was on that drug for over 3 years, so am afraid that it's too late.

Her new cardiologist took her off the diltiazem without blinking, so now it's eating me up alive too wondering "what if" it were stopped 3 years ago before the big dementia nosedive when it was so obvious her body was rejecting this drug.

It's odd, but her behavior changes with every new med. When she stopped the calcium channel blocker FINALLY and was switched to an ACE inhibitor, the morning crises (where she knows nothing, doesn't understand the concept of food and is just plain terrified in the morning remembering nothing) stopped for over a month. But she was only on the ACE inhibitor for a couple weeks because she couldn't tolerate the constant coughing and choking. Couple weeks after that she was put on an angiotensin II receptor blocker (and coincidentally forgot how to use the one-button telephone to call me). That also only lasted a couple weeks because she could no longer walk due to leg pain and fatigue. And the morning crises have started up again, but not as severe as when she was on the calcium channel blocker.

Sorry to be so confusing, but it's just that I see changes in the dementia with every drug change. Maybe it's too soon to make any judgments. She's 84 though, so hope is no longer high on the list.

Her next appointment is in a couple weeks and I'm very curious as to how she'll react to the next add-on drug. I'll update how it affects the dementia. Right now she's just taking the Lopressor for blood pressure and Glucophage for diabetes, but she's been on those forever with no problems.

Amen to the words of Martha's father about walking away from doctors.
My mom would be nodding her head in full agreement--she's terrified of them now (as opposed to the "I trust you completely, doctor, and am not worried at all" which she uttered 5 years ago the eve before her 3xCABG...has eaten her words many times since).

Love and prayers to all my heroes here who endure and overcome so much... (and I need Sally to teach me how to cook! Mom is getting tired of spaghetti, broccoli, Lean Cuisine dinners and the other pathetic messes I dish up.)