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I don't know where to post this so i putting on a couple of boards. I need help! I have been to several drs who are dragging their feet on a diganois. On July 4th i woke up somewhat sick with flu symstoms. Disconnected, slow, no energy, feverish but no fever. The next day i woke up with both my cheeks skin numb. Then the next I woke up with my neck skin numb. The next day my upper chest skin numb. The next day my stomach skin. The next day my upper right thigh and the next day the top of my right ankle. Now most of the face skin is numb along with my ears. The skin numbness is mostly on the posterior portion of the right side of my body. I have been to two drs who seem unconcerned with all of this but it is scaring me because i don't know if i have come in contact with something or still in contact with some toxin or even if this is permanenet. I have just recently been diaganoised with diabetes. They started the drugs Tricor and Glucophage. I don't know if these drugs are connected to this or not. The diabetes is just borderline and under control. I may have mold in my house because it flooded two years ago and you can smell it in my house. I had a neck injury back in March but it has healed. From that injury I did have a numb forehead which is still numb. So for three month i haven't been able to feel my forehead. The only other med i take is Tropol. I have had braces put on my teeth recently for an overbite. I don't know if that plays a part. I have had several ct scans that show nothing. But it took my dr 2 years to find the diabetes so this is really scaring me. I am trying to stay away from my house for a week to see if it's something in the house. But in the mean time the drs are treating me like I am crazy. They gave me Evail to take at night. I have had some problems with my right foot not working and tripping me. Sometimes i get bad headaches when i sit to long in one spot like my spine is pushed up into my skull. I am not having any other problems. In fact my life has really improved since the diagnois of diabetes. I feel like i have so much more energy and I feel better after i eat. Please help me! I need to know this might not be in my head. I can't even feel when one of my cat's climb up my leg. I have full function of everything just can't feel my skin. Please Help Me!