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Are you by any chance new to taking Neurotin? I know that put the weight on me, like 20 pounds. I went to my endo and he put me on glucophage to help fix my metabolism. I've got herasimotos(sp?)hypothyroid and I'm hypo-glycemic. I really have to watch my blood sugar when I take the pill but I've lost the 20 pounds plus 10 more without changing my diet or exercising. He thinks that with all that my body has gone through in the last few years, a baby, MS, stress, stress, and more stress that my metabolism was caput.

I might be worth a shot to have your hormone, thyroid and blood levels checked. With all these meds and stress and all you just never know. Take care and I hope you can take off those 5 pounds. I've got a toddler myself and I know what a handful they can be. :bouncing: