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This past Tuesday I went to the doctor because another doctor that has been treating a pain in my ribs said that my blood pressure and heart rate is too high. So, I went to my family doctor -- he got all excited about it. When I was at the other doctor's place -- it was 180/114 pulse rate 140 and then it was 160/107 pulse rate 136 and at this doctor's it was 170/100 with the pulse being 100. He took an EKG and looked at it and said he think he knows what it is. But, he ordered a CT scan that afternoon to rule out a pulmonary embolism, just in case. It was not a pulmonary embolism (thank goodness). But he said I have to take Toprol XL - 50 mg to lower the heart rate and Altace for the Blood pressure then gave me Glucophage for the Sugar level -- so I'm taking all 3 of these -- I asked him what he thought it was since he said he had an idea of what it was, but he never answered. Does anyone have any idea what this is?? He only gave me the medication for 1 month, no refills, why do you have to take them all together. I looked at the description of these drugs, but they could fit many things. One said treatment for heart failure -- If it was heart failure, wouldn't he tell me, wouldn't I know??? So, has anyone taken these before and what does it sound like??