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My OB/Gyn put me on on 3 pills of Glucophage a day before testing me for insulin resistance and I couldn't drive to work in the morning without having to stop at a restroom on the way in. You can ask your doc for these pills, but I have had better luck cutting my food portions in half and walking at least 20 minutes a day. Being overweight is a vicious cycle, but try to start walking or doing something active and your appetite will follow. I wouldn't tell even my worst enemy to take Glucophage since it makes you spend your life on the toliet! Good Luck!
lylone- I take glucophage for my diabetes, but it doesn't make me sick. If I don't eat anything with it I'll get a stomach ache so you're encouraged to have a slice of bread or an 8 oz glass of milk with it. Maybe you are having some severe side effects from it? I have at least 4 family members on it for diabetes as well and they don't get sick like this either, did you ask your doctor???

pawla- I would suggest metformin (which is the real brand for glucophage that costs more) but the pills are smaller and so it makes it a bit easier. I took those for a while but it's best to just save up for something nice like exercise equiptment and go with the cheaper glucophage. Just my personal opinion, i don't doubt at all that glucophage made lylone sick.