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I have had fatty liver for several years. There is definitely a lot of pain from fatty liver and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There is also elevated liver function numbers that eventually show up, and many people have high tryglycerides and blood sugars. I think IBS is also part of it because your liver is not working right. So you eat a little fat, bile is needed to digest the fat, the liver is slow to respond with bile and the fat goes right through you. I swear it can happen in only 30 minutes from when you eat something with fat in it. Here are some solutions to these problems that worked for me.
1-Squeeze the juice from one lemon and drink it down. This really does work. Your liver may be full of sludgy bile. Lemon juice is a known bile thinner. It can loosen things up and allow your liver and gall bladder to clean itself out. Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards because the lemon juice will destroy your enamel.
2-Take cranberry pills. I don't know why this works but it does. Came across it by accident. Buy cranberry pills whose main ingredient is powdered cranberry juice. The fewer other ingredients- the better. Take one or two if the pain is mild. If it is unbearable, you can take 3 or 4. It won't hurt you and it will make an dramatic difference. Maybe the acid in the cranberry helps to dissolve stuff much like the lemon juice does. My brother had high liver function numbers and a fatty liver. He decided to take cranberry pills and his liver function numbers went way down and the pain disappeared. Cranberry pills seemed to improve my IBS symptoms and make me more regular.
3-Fast 1 or 2 meals once a week. Fasting is a known liver cleanse.
4-Take 1 Tbs. of Udo Oil (Bought this at the local health food store) or Olive Oil every day. More if you can stand it. Your liver needs oil to work propertly. These types of oils seem to lubricate things and get things moving.
5-Do a Liver Cleanse- If you want something more drastic, do a liver cleanse. You can buy one at the health food store or look on the internet for one that sounds good. I found one on the internet. I drank down some awful mixture of epsom salt, grapefruit juice, olive oil, etc. I was sick for two days, but the right abdominal pain was better afterwards. I have never done it again. It was miserable. I would rather do little things every day to keep my liver cleaned out and not be so sick.
6-Take low doses of ibuprofen after you have done a liver cleanse. If you liver is inflammed, this can help. Ibuprofen is an antiinflammatory. Don't take too much and don't take it too long.
7- Drink apple juice. When your gall bladder and liver start to clean out, it will dump bile in our stomach and you may have an upset stomach. Antacids will help with the stomach acid part but bile is something else. Apple juice seems to neutralize the bile. It will settle your stomach if bile is the problem.
8-Early intervention with Glucophage/Metaformin. I recently went on Glucophage because my blood sugars were just a bit too high. Nice side benefit- my liver function numbers got better, my tryglycerides went down, and my liver rarely hurts. I wish I had started this years ago. It took my doctor a few years to talk me into it. I feel like it is helping the fatty liver problem.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Just a note. The other poster suggested glucophage/metformin for the liver pain and suger. Be careful if you already have a bad stomach because glucophage can cause the digestive symptoms and IBS to get worse. I have stomach problems and was put on glucophage for a hormonal imbalance. I have never been sicker in my life. My IBS, reflux, and indigestion got horribly worse. I even developed serious stomach and intestinal bleeding which my Gastro seems to think was caused by the glucophage. All I know is that when I stopped taking it, the digestive symptoms went away. I tried eating with it, taking it on an empty stomach, waiting 30 minutes and then taking it, nothing worked. Just be careful.

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Tanya is right about Glucophage. It gives some people digestive problems, but it has not bothered me. I was suggesting it more as a fatty liver solution. Glucophage is beginning to be suggested as a possible treatment for fatty liver. It seems to be helping mine.
Where is liver pain? I get it everywhere. You can look at an anatomy chart and see where the liver is. Draw a corresponding triangle on your belly and that basically outlines where the pain is. Most common places: 1-far right side almost up and under my rib cage. Almost seems like my ribs are hurting. 2-About where my gall bladder used to be- in the center and a bit to the right under my rib cage. 3-Under the rib cage on the far left. 4-On the right side but directly below the breast and the ribs. It starts under the rib cage and shoots straight down. There is a bile duct there that hurts sometimes.
How long does it last? I talked to my brother this weekend about his fatty liver pain. He said as long as he takes cranberry pills, he doesn't have a problem. If I eat a real fatty meal, I can feel the pain again. By brother said that if he stops taking the cranberry pills, the pain is back sometimes within an hour, but usually more like a day or two. So basically, fatty liver pain doesn't go away. You just have to manage it.
Also I wanted to mention that I wouldn't have suggested a liver cleanse except that you said your scans were negative for gall stones. I never felt comfortable moving something that is large enough to get stuck in my liver.
Hope that helps.

Good Luck.