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I had a full body yeast infection and couldn't figure out why, it even came out in my scalp when I sweated. The whole house smelled like mayonaise! I found out my blood sugar (didn't know I was diabetic 2) was way out of control (around 250-300) and they put me on glucophage and insulin. Within 3 months my yeast infection was under control. No more smell thank goodness. I tried everything, yogurt, cinnamon, acidopholis, coconut oil, every remedy even diflucan (which can damage your liver) but I found out that eating sweets and high carbs and chocolate makes it worse. But getting a really bad yeast infection back under control could mean you have an illness, I also have liver disease. Have your doctor do a full Chemistry panel on you and if he won't find someone who will, have them test your liver and sugar levels. Hope this helps!