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I'll try to make a long story as short as I can.:) My history is that I am type 2 diabetic taking oral meds. Long history (approx 9 years) taking Glucophage among other meds. Glucophage is a common stomach irritant and in the beginning causes lots of stomach distress including diarrhea. I have had stomach problems for a while insofar as always seeming to have to go to a public restroom wherever I might be to have a bowel movement. Usually go in the morning several times, especially when I'm putting on my coat to go somewhere, I start getting that 'urge' to go. Not sure if that's from anxiety about going outside. I think I've visited restrooms at every Lowes and Home Depot in my area. :o

About three weeks ago started having real bad bouts of diarrhea. I was concerned about dehydration and electrolytes, so I drank some Gatorade (good for electrolytes) but it is loaded with sugar (not good for a diabetic). Very thirsty due to dehydration. The diarrhea was pretty bad, more so than I could remember ever experiencing. I was taking Immodium. Then the diarrhea was followed by a dry spell wherein I wasn't feeling any urge to have a bowel movement which was causing me concern. I wasn't getting that usual 'feeling' that I have to move my bowels. Started taking a laxitive until I read/heard that laxitives are dangerous in that they can weaken the colon. Dr. told me to take Col Ase (stool softener) and eat fiber foods. It helped a little then the diarrhea started again. Now I'm back to the opposite problem. Hadn't gone since yesterday and was also having bad headaches. Today I ate a bunch of prunes, two stool softeners, an apple and increased water intake. Had a decent bowel movement this evening, but it seems that I have to sit on toilet about 10 or more minutes before something happens. Unlike before when I would just sit down and start to have a movement.

Nurses don't seem to know what to tell me. No one seems to care. I need a colonoscopy but have a long list of others before me. Does anyone else experience similar and what do you think it could be.

I was trying to eliminate things that could be causing the diarrhea which I thought might be from magnesium I had been taking, also had been taking apple cider vinegar pills.
I have eliminated them from my diet altogether.

The diarrhea seems to have subsided but not having any sensation that I need to have a bowel movement is of concern to me. I get some signal that I need to have a bowel movement, but my bowels just don't seem to be working right.

Any feedback is appreciated. I'm in my early 50s.