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welcome to your next plateau involving pain and numbness.
You are very lucky to get pn in this day and age when there are
so many remedies for both pain and numbness. I have had my
pn for about 27 years ago from type 2 d., and suffered greatly during thos
years with lightening strike pains for days on end. Now, I don't have
any more pain. I took neuronton for many years and it worked fine
for about 10 years or so. Then it became ineffective. I now take
lantus insulin, one shot a day in the am. Glucophage, 2 tablets
per day, and, specifically for the pain: 10 mg nortriptyline daily in the
evening before bed, and 2 mg tablets twice a day: dilaudid. Started taking
these meds about four months ago and they have kept me pain-free.
re: numbness: You can beat it by doing extraordinary exercise, if
you can take it. I run on the treadmill two hours a day and weightfift.
Been doing that for years Result: 26 years ago I could not feel my feet,
it was hard to drive. I started to run slow, then got up to marathons
over a period of 10 years. Now I have virtually no numbness now.
Also try to keep my sugar readings down. If you have any specific
questions, send 'em over. woondog ps I am 70 years old