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Has anyone else experienced getting different readings at the same time on different fingers? I use One Touch Ultra meter and can get 20 or more point difference between 3 fingers. Example: index finger read 168, second finger read 206 and ring finger read 220. Do our fingers contain different strengths of blood sugars?

I am giving up on this whole diabetes thing. Since having a bad bacteria sinus infection that started last November and finally let up the end of March, my blood sugars are very high and jump all over the place. I am T2 and had been taking Glucovance for 4 years (every day I felt like I was over 90 when I'm only 60). I finally made my doc realize that something was very wrong so he just took me off that med and put me on Actos and Lantus. I feel remarkably better over all but sugars are still out of control. What makes this all worth living with?????
Ruth, thanks for the input. We don't have an endo in my part of the world. Closest one is 350 miles away. My doc is a DO but doesn't seem real up on the whole diabetes thing. The doc that diagnosed me put me immediately on insulin and I crashed a couple of times...each after mildly exercising. He then put me on the Glucovance. I can't tell you how much better I feel right now just getting off that stuff. I have energy back and can now get some things done around my house....can't sleep past 6am where as I was not getting up before 10 before....or dressed until after noon. I am going back to work part time (I retired because I just couldn't get going or take the stress of the job)so the meds did have some effect on me.

My bg is morning is still very high but I admit I overate the last couple of days due to depression. I am getting back on my diet of 60 carbs a day max and see what changes. I do keep a log and have blood tests regularly. My biggest problem is depression and that causes over eating. It was better before I gave up riding and training horses. I stopped at 55 and everything has gone down hill since. Not enough activity. I had a total knee replacement due to injury (from hay moving, not horses) when I was 53 and then tore the tendons around the knee in a fall and it has not recovered well...limits my ability to walk alot...also have partially fused spine due to arthritis so back is a problem. All of this has hit in the last 5 years....enough, I'm rambling.

Again, thanks for your input...it really does help.